Professional Development

Professional Development sessions are available for schools and colleges. The PD session is developed specifically for each school/college to be in line with the PD focus for that year.

Popular topics are:

* Brain Gym®
* Brainfood
* The SureReading method
* The Life Maths method
* Accelerated Learning techniques
* What are the missing prerequisite skills for reading and spelling?
* What are the missing prerequisite skills for mental mathematics?
* The connection between a child’s brain dominance pattern and a child’s preferred learning style and strategies
* Nutrient deficiencies: how can you identify them and what do they cause?
* How can we improve integration between the left and right side of the brain?
* How can we improve sensory integration?
* How can we improve coordination?
* How can we improve speech and language skills?
* What can we do to prepare children’s brains for reading and writing?

The sessions can vary in duration from an hour and a half to a full day. I also provide information lectures for staff and parents on brain development, brain integration and brain nutrition.

Please read the free information booklets and articles on learning and health on the Publications page as well as the information in the Learning and Health page. You can find a comprehensive booklist with books, CDs, videos and DVDs in the Learning section. The books provide more in depth information about the above topics and are generally not available in Australian bookstores, however they can be ordered online from

Past experience

In the past I have given Professional Development sessions at the following schools and colleges:

Regency Park Institute of TAFE, Adelaide Institute of TAFE, Mount Barker Institute of TAFE, Collegiate School of Saint Peter, Rose Park PS, Spence PS, Burnside PS, Stradbroke PS, Croydon Park PS, East Marden PS, Mitchell Park PS, Bridgewater PS, Callington PS, Yankalilla Area School, Basket Range PS, Fleurieu Peninsula Teachers PD day, Parents of Longreach Area School (Queensland), Para Hills West PS, Craigburn PS, Evanston Gardens PS, Evanston PS, Virginia PS, Blythe PS, DECS Early Childhood Initiatives and DECS Early Years Primary Years conferences.

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